As with any window, a bow window can also be used to let in more light.
The most common type of bow window is the traditional, rectangular style. It's an elegant addition to any home, adding both beauty and functionality. The window is made up of multiple curved sections of the same size, known as lites. These lites are framed in wood and join together to create a graceful bow.

Bow windows have different angles and styles. They're best for exterior walls and corners and come with four to five panels. They're also very versatile, with the ability to blend four fixed and four vented windows to create a unique design. Because the window is so close to the wall, it's important to find an opening mechanism that won't interfere with the appearance of the entire structure. The best choice is a fixed window. You can also opt for space-efficient bow windows. This style will give your home more natural light and can be installed in the same room.
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