picture WINDOWS 

As its name implies, a picture window is developed to act almost like a picture frame, framing the outdoors.
It uses an excellent focal point for a room and provides an excellent natural light to a room. What it isn't created to do is offer any air flow or ventilation as a double hung or casement window offers.

Most are customized so you can figure out the size based upon the specifics of your home. Picture windows can also be installed without grids or bars or they can include a specialty grid pattern. Depending on the character of your house you might select a picture window that is one large pane of glass, a great choice for a contemporary house. If you have among the best views in the city, you can frame it utilizing image windows. This window type includes big areas of glass fixed in a very little frame to supply an unobstructed scenic view of the outdoors in the comforts of your own home.
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